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Yorkshire S'Mores Cart


Based on a long standing American camp fire tradition, a S'more is a toasted marshmallow placed on a square of chocolate and sandwiched between two biscuits or crackers -  it's a delicious, gooey treat that you and your guests will love. We bring the flame trays and you can toast your own marshmallow. A perfect service for both indoors and out - and it's perfectly safe to use inside!

How it works - we can set up either outside or indoors (the heat source is suitable for indoor use)

We use a white wooden cart and set up using an "indoor campfire", bowls of marshmallows, assorted chocolates and biscuits. All your guests need to do is grab a skewer and get started!

The cart is never left unattended and is supervised throughout by our staff, who will re-stock food items, help children etc.

Includes -

  • Cart
  • Flame tray
  • Skewers
  • Marshmallows
  • Assorted chocolates eg white, plain, milk, mint
  • Assorted biscuits & crackers eg graham crackers, digestives, shortbread, cookies, rich tea, hobnobs, biscoff, nice
  • Uniformed Staff to set up and supervise throughout
  • 2 hrs service

up to 100 guests - £260

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